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Spring Dinner Meeting

Project Lost Sheep announces its spring dinner meeting on April 22. Guests are welcome. Please contact Elaine Biser for details at

Announcement - Car Donation

Project Lost Sheep acknowledges the donation of a car via Cars 4 Causes from an owner in Atherton, CA.

Car donations help us to expand our work.

Announcement – Donate a car!

Did you know that you or a friend can donate a car and help Project Lost Sheep?

Cars 4 Causes will come and take your car and give you a tax deduction. Project Lost Sheep will receive a contribution to enable us to reach more needy children.

Put a smile on your face and know that you will be creating smiles on children’s faces of America.

Cars 4 Causes – 1-800-766-2273


Project Lost Sheep announces an average attendance of 167 children at its 9th consecutive Touchdown Camp this summer.

Very encouraging was the many different groups and businesses that helped support the camp.

We especially acknowledge Second Harvest Food bank.


This fund will encourage our campers to stay in school and have help for the first two years of college. Fund #1 is open and we will select and give this scholarship out June of 2015.

We thank you for giving. Please indicate “scholarship” and make your check out to Project Lost Sheep

Announcement – Spring Dinner Meeting

Project Lost Sheep announces its spring dinner meeting at the First Baptist Church on Thursday night May 30th at 7 pm. Patty Cardona has announced the 9th Touchdown Camp for the week of August 5th and we will be working to get ready.

New volunteers are needed.  Visitors are welcome.

Announcement – Summer Camp

Project Lost Sheep, Bay Area, announces its 9th consecutive Touchdown Camp at Verbo Church in Redwood City.

The dates are August 5-August 9th all day.


Project Lost Sheep announces the opening of work in San Jose, California, the third largest city.

San Jose has experienced an upswing in gang related homicides along with a reduction in the police force.

Onnuri Korean church on the Redwood City model has a tutoring program for 24 children with high school volunteers along with adults involved. They will have a camp this summer for these Hispanic children and friends. Leaders from Onnuri went to Redwood City, saw what Verbo was doing and learned much to take home.

Onnuri sets the pace for San Jose with other works expected soon in more churches here.


Project Lost Sheep is pleased to announce the completion of its eighth consecutive Touchdown Camp in Redwood City, California. We had an average of 90 campers per day with 35 helpers. Thanks to generous community support from individuals and non-profits like Second Harvest Food Bank all were fed. The children had a great week in all ways.

There will be a celebration of completion on Thursday, August 16th 6:30pm at Barones Cafe in Menlo Park.

Announcement – Camp Workers Required

Volunteers are needed for camp in Redwood City this summer.

This is a day camp.  Morning workers and afternoon workers.

You do not need to volunteer every day.

Camp dates: July 16-20

Call Doris Bates, co-ordinator, for details  ( 650) 368-1224